Kevin Ashton, also known as the “Father of IoT” believed that IoT could “Turn the world into data” that could be used to make macro decisions and resource utilization. By processing this data, we get information. He (Kevin Ashton) says:

“Information is a great way to reduce waste and increase efficiency, and that’s really what the Internet of Things provides”.

Frugal Labs will be conducting a 6 hour “Hands-on” workshop on “Internet of Things: Where Does The Data Go?” as part of EFY’s (Electronics For You) “India Electronics Week 2017” being held in Bengaluru International Exhibition Center (BIEC) on March 2, 2017.

More info about the workshop can be found at: https://conferences.electronicsforu.com/workshops/

More about the event:

India Electronics Week (IEW) is a mega event that is being conducted by EFY India and is the most sought after event in South Asia. In the 2016 edition, more than 10,000 techies and over 200 delegates flew in from all over the world to attend this event. India Electronics Week 2016 was awarded “IoT Event of the Year (2016),” by Postscapes.

India Electronics Week 2017 will be held from 2nd to 4th March 2017 in Bengaluru International Exhibition Center (B.I.E.C.) and this time the event focuses on Internet of Things (IoT) , Industrial IoT and AI.

Last year in IEW-16, Frugal Labs conducted a workshop on “How to build an open-source smart agriculture project”  and this workshop became a huge success with more than 150 people attending the same. And those who attended the workshop were not disappointed as they were made to “Build” their first IoT Device with “Smart Agriculture” as a use case. Everyone went back with thirst for gaining knowledge in IoT and with a smile on their face; They built an IoT device with their bare hands and saw it work flawlessly! The workshop by Frugal Labs was a crowd pleaser and the “Most Popular” workshop of the event.

This year will be no different! In IEW-17, we plan to awe the audience and increase their hunger for knowledge on IoT and also make them work on the most important part of IoT which is: IoT DATA!

This is what our workshop is aimed at. Come attend “Internet of Things: Where Does The Data Go?” workshop to understand how IoT data is generated and Where the data goes!

Key takeaways of the workshop:

  • Understanding of IoT data flow
  • Basic DB understanding
  • Analytical tool : Pandas 

What are the prerequisites for the workshop? Well nothing much. If you are familiar with programming (we mean basics of programming) and have a thirst / hunger for knowledge, well that’s all you need!

If you are from Data Analytics background and are looking into IoT as a future job prospective, well…. You will definitely learn a lot in this workshop! We can promise you that!

P.S. get your own laptops as the workshop in 100% “Hands-On”.

For registration and other information kindly visit: https://conferences.electronicsforu.com/registration/

We hope to see you there!

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