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KFC One Click Order Button. Get clickin’ to get your chicken!

KFC India has launched the “One Click Order Button” to ease the process of ordering your favourite products from KFC! Get clickin‘ to get your chicken! The “One Click Order Button” is a small physical device that fits right in your palm which can be used to place your KFC order by simply clicking the button!

Image Courtesy: KFC India

The “KFC One Click Order Button” is the idea of KFC India and is exclusively launched in India. This is the first such innovation in the Food Delivery industry and is the first “IoT” (Internet of Things) commercial product in India for this industry!

It is designed and developed by Frugal Labs Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and is completely manufactured in India.

The idea of the “One Click Order Button” is based on the Amazon Dash button concept where you simply click the products “Dash button” to place the order and get it delivered home by Amazon! But here is the twist! Instead of mapping each button to a dedicated product, you can create your “Favourite Order” in your KFC account and link it to your “One click order button”. (Favourite orders consist of items you wish to order regularly. This can be customised whenever you want by logging onto your account). The KFC One Click Order button is smaller and more compact as compared to the Amazon Dash Button.

“The device is quite tiny and light.” – Hindustan Times

Follow these simple steps to place your order with the “KFC One Click Order Button”.

Step 1: Registering your button and creating Favourite Order. (One time only)

  1. go to button.kfc.co.in and enter the “Button ID” (each button has a unique 4 digit hexadecimal ID printed on the back side. The ID is a combination of 0-9 and A-F) and your mobile number.
  2. Enter your name, Email ID, a password and give your complete delivery address.
  3. Go to “Favourite Order” tab and click on “Add Favourite Order”. Add your items and save the cart to save your “Favourite Order”.

Step 2: “One Click Order Button” configuration. (One time only)

  1. The “KFC One Click Order Button” will connect to a local WiFi Network (WiFi Router or Mobile Hotspot) to connect to the KFC Server and place your order. For this, you need to configure it by providing the local WiFi network’s WiFi SSID (name) and WiFi password.
  2. Click on the button and you will see the LED blink with the sequence: red, green, blue. This indicated that the button is switched on.
  3. Within a few seconds, you will notice that the BLUE LED will blink three times. This indicates that the button is in configuration mode and is ready to be paired with your mobile or PC for configuration.
  4. In your mobile (or PC) switch on the WiFi and connect to the “KFC Order Button” WiFi name (No password is needed).
  5. If the connection is successful, “Sign into WiFi” pop-up notification will appear on your phone. In PC’s, your browser will automatically open the configuration page. If connection is successful and no pop-up appears, open any internet browser and go to the address (both PC and mobiles).
    (Note: some iPhone users had to clear their network credentials in order to connect. This seems to be an issue with iPhone’s OS.)

    KFC Order Button Config Page screenshot (Windows Desktop)


    KFC Order Button Config Page screenshot
    KFC Order Button Config Page screenshot (Android Phone)
  6. You can click on “Configure WiFi (Auto Scan)” to get available wifi networks near you and enter WiFi Password or click on “Configure WiFi (Manual Config.)” to enter the WiFi SSID (Name) and WiFi Password manually.Click “Save” to save the data to the Button memory.
  7. Once you click on “Save“, the button will try to connect to the WiFi with the previously entered Credentials. If the connection is successful, a GREEN LED will blink indicating that the configuration is successful. If the configuration is not successful (If you have entered a wrong SSID or PASSWORD or button is unable to connect to given credentials), a RED LED will blink indicating configuration is unsuccessful and the button will power down. You have to click the button again and repeat above steps 1 to 5.
  8. You need to keep a note of the following:
    • The Button configuration needs to be done within 2 minutes after it is switched ON. If not completed within 2 minutes, the RED LED will blink and the button will power off. This is done to extend battery life because in “configuration mode”, the battery is drained 20 times more than normal mode.
    • Your WiFi router or hotspot should have a simple SSID and PASSWORD combination. There should be NO “Browser Login” or “MAC Filtering” or any advanced security features, etc. The button is a simple device that can connect to the WiFi router with just the WiFi SSID and Password.
    • If the button is away from the range of the saved WiFi router, it will again go into configuration mode and you will have to repeat the above steps to connect to a new WiFi router or hotspot present near it.

Step 3: Placing your “favourite” Order. (How many ever times you need till the button runs out of juice!)

  1. To place your order, simply click the button. The LED will switch on and blink with RED, GREEN, BLUE sequence to indicate that it is switched on.
  2. The button will then try to connect to the saved WiFi credentials (as provided in the configuration step above).
  3. If the button is unable to connect to the WiFi router/hotspot (Because the mentioned WiFi is out of range or not available), it will go back to “configuration mode” and you need to repeat “Button Configuration” step. and then press the button again.
  4. If the WiFi connection is successful, the button will place an order with the KFC server. This process will take place within 5 to 10 seconds depending on the network traffic. If the order is placed successfully, a GREEN LED will blink to indicate “success” and the button will power off. Subsequently, you will receive an SMS from KFC where you have to reply with “1” to confirm your order. This step is done to ensure that you or your kid or pets do not press the button and an order gets placed by mistake!
  5. If the button has successfully connected to the WiFi but is unable to place the order (Because of No Internet or other Network/Internet related issues), the RED LED will blink indicating a failure in placing the order and the button will power down. You need to press the button and try again. If this happens consecutively, it means there is an issue with your internet connection. Kindly use another WiFi connection and try again. To go back to configuration mode, move away from the present WiFi router’s range or switch it off and repeat “button configuration” step.

If all goes well, your button configuration will take up to 60 seconds and placing the order will take up to 5 or 10 seconds! And the configuration needs to be done only once (as long as the button is the range of the WiFi Router and there is no issue with the internet). So technically, in a matter of seconds, you can place your order! Do remember, if you do not reply to the SMS received on your registered mobile phone with “1” within 15 minutes, your order will not get processed further and will get cancelled. Also, when your order is under process, you cannot place another order by pressing the button. You will get regular SMS alerts till your order is delivered.

Image Courtesy: Gadgets 360
KFC One Click Order Button SMS Screenshot

Image Courtesy: Gadget 360

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Watch a short video illustrating the working of the “KFC One Click Order” system. This video is done by Hindustan Times.

Video Courtesy: Hindustan Times

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