IoT in FMCG Industry

For an FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company, forecasting and demand planning is a critical aspect of business operations. Currently, most of the production booking in ERP systems are manual and lagged. It greatly influences the planning decisions and hits the bottom line. The FMCG industry has always been willing to implement new technologies to establish efficient business practices.

Slowly and steadily they are embracing IoT technologies in a big way; mainly to benefit from cost reduction, asset optimization, and utilization, productivity and efficiency improvements.

The need of the hour is a connected supply chain management to reduce downtime due to material shortages and supplier delays. The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating interesting opportunities for brands today. The connected world has opened a new window of opportunities to the FMCG segment that is increasingly deriving insights by understanding consumer behavior and patterns.

These companies have acknowledged the commercial potential in information by providing insights on customer’s behavior needs and wants. FMCG companies are shifting towards a data-driven environment in which volumes of data is emanating from point of sale, in-store engagement, mobile platforms, and social media. The FMCG companies are currently focusing these key areas namely, direct consumer relationship, mobile and location-based services, predictive analysis, demand driven supply chain management, Idea-to-product acceleration, safety & traceability, and sustainability.

Internet of Things will also help in location-based marketing for the FMCG companies. Based on the location of the consumer, the customized offer can be sent through push notifications or app marketing. Inside the store, the sensors will detect a customer’s vital statistics like height, weight, BMI etc and suggest them items based on their health. The personalized promotion will help significantly improve customer experience.

The following use cases come under the FMCG Industry:

  1. Environment monitoring
  2. Material Management
  3. Customer engagement
  4. Supply chain management
  5. Asset Tracking and management

Frugal Labs is closely working with various FMCG and retail industries in creating and developing customised IoT products and solutions. Some of the works are:

1. KFC One Click Order Button

The KFC One Click Order Button is aimed at making the food ordering process simple to the users and to keep them engaged in a fun way. You can find more details at

2. Environment Monitoring Systems

Environment monitoring can range from Warehouse monitoring to server room monitoring. Frugal Labs offer customised solutions depending on your requirements. You can find more details at

3. IoT Enabled Smart Store

We are currently working with a retail outlet in designing a customised IoT solution to make their entire store “Smart” and user-friendly. Details will be updated soon as a blog post.

4. Asset Tracking

We are currently working with a company to design a “GPS and GPRS based Asset Tracking System”. This system consists of Device-Cloud-App complete solution. Details will be updated soon as a blog post.

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